Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A wee bit of green...

...for your St. Patrick's Day!

I am the recipient of a Kreative Blogger award from the secret notebooks... wild pages blog.  Please go visit; you will find a thoughtful writer with an eye for design and photography who shares her journey through life. 

I'm to list 7 interesting things about myself and pass the award along to 7 others.

What you may not know about me:
  • my first "real" job in high school was as a gift wrapper in a store.  It was the year of the large, bulky fleece bathrobe and it seemed as if every man in town was giving that as a gift.  Plus matching slippers.  Even the largest coat box could barely fit those fluffy robes!  My wrapping skills became better as I wrestled those robes into boxes and tried to create neat, pretty gifts.
  • I should have been an undertaker.  When I took the test in high school that would guide me to the best career choices, funeral director was right there as number one.  Even though I have an uncle that is an undertaker, I never could picture that as a career path.  As I look back I wonder if it would be rewarding to help people cope with their grief and to create a memorable funeral to honor their relative.
  • The career path that I did choose was fashion.  Growing up, I was always tall and as I hit my teens it got harder to find clothes that were long enough.  So I started sewing.  I loved creating outfits - choosing the pattern & fabric and then creatively making it mine. 
  • The first time that I donated blood I felt faint but instead of recovering right away it took me all day!  The staff suggested that even though it was very nice of me to try to donate blood please don't do it again - it was too much trouble for them!
  • I don't like amusement parks.  Merry-go-rounds are okay though. 
  • My maiden name is Gates.  There was a time when I was asked if I was related to Bill Gates.  Though I have a geeky side, it hasn't been proven that we are related.  My dad knew him though through the Boston Computer Society.
  • My hubby and I have been together for 31 years.  We met in college and dated for 9 years before we were engaged (my ring has 9 diamonds to symbolize that).  Then it was another 5 years before we were married.  He is my best friend.
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  1. every time I did those vocational tests it told me I should be a physical or occupational therapist. I do think that would have been good, but alas... :-)
    congrats on the award! I'm eager to check your links.

  2. Is that cilantro I see there?

    An undertaker, wow! And fashion, I didn't realize that. For a while in high school I dreamed of being a fashion merchandiser.

    What a great list Marcy.

    PS: I am still waiting for the books to come in!

  3. It's actually Italian Parsley, a "cousin" of cilantro. I haven't used it yet, but I love the greenery and so far I've kept it alive.

  4. Hi Marcy-
    I am so glad I found your blog this evening.
    What a treat.
    I'll be back!


    White Spray Paint
    I am now a follower-

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  6. Hi Marcy. What a delightful blog you have! So glad I found it through the comment you kindly left on my new blog. It was so encouraging to hear you liked my theme and furniture makeovers! I'll be sure to be a regular at Pine Creek Cottage. Sorry I removed my previous message though being a "part-time perfectionist" I couldn't allow the spelling error I saw!!! Crazy...I know!
    Kristine at The Painted Hive.

  7. Good Morning Marcy. Happy Spring!

    I'm cracking up that they said you should be an undertaker. Even the little that I know you through your blog, I can't imagine that!

  8. Marcy...I took one of those tests in high school and seem to remember "Bus Driver" as one of the chosen professions for me.

    Thank you so much for the award. Rosemary


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