Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog Star... Twice Remembered

Kim at Twice Remembered has so much style.  I first found her when she was working on her kitchen.  She painted her cabinets red, a beautiful cherry red.  I was swooning.  It seemed like such a bold choice and yet it came across as clean, country and classic.  She uses white dishes and vintage accessories and the whole effect is stunning.


Then one day she showed this:

And these...

Oh my gosh, look at that decorating!  It looks yummy, so delicious.  Don't try to eat them though.  Kim specializes in 'faux sweet treats'.  They will look that good for a long time.  What attention to detail!  She is so talented. 

Kim and her husband continue to work on their house: setting up a studio, laying down new floors and tackling other big projects.

Then Kim wrote a piece that tugged at my heart.  It was so sweet and such a beautiful piece that I had to write to her to see about posting it here.  She agreed and this is it:

Isn't that such a sweet message?!

Stop by and visit Twice Remembered... you'll feel right at home.

Kim is a Blog Star!


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  1. Aww, Marcy, you are just simply a sweetheart! All those lovely things you wrote about our cottage in the making...This has just MADE my day! I was so flattered that you wanted to share this with others. Thank you SO much, and thank you for visiting me at Twice Remembered!


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