Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As in St. Baldrick's!  Volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer and gather donations to go towards childhood cancer research.  My son has been thinking about doing this since last year, so when the time came - he was ready!

The stylists from the Total Look Salons did the shaving.

There were lots of folks there - this is a big event!  "Shavees", as well as people there to support them, all enjoy the entertainment and party atmosphere. 

My son waits in line...

Then it was his turn...

Look at that smile!  That smile stayed with him all weekend. 

This was a really fun event for our whole family, but the thought of so many kids who live with bald heads because they are dealing with cancer reminded us why we were there.



  1. That is so sweet! You are raising a good boy.

  2. Neat! He looks good, besides. :-)
    How did be raise donations?

  3. What a wonderful event to support such a worthy cause ~ yeah for your son!



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