Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting to bloom...

There is a new gift shop in town that has vintage items as well as wonderful new goodies.  I was browsing there for the first time a few weeks ago and saw the most perfect little antique-looking urn.  I'm not sure if it was old but it had been planted with Narcissus bulbs and covered with moss.  It would be just the right size to fit on my kitchen window ledge.   I thought about how lovely it would be to watch it grow and have something to help bridge that time between the holiday decorations and the flowers of spring.  But... it was $35.  Not a fortune, but more than I should be spending during the weeks before Christmas.  So I went home and thought about it... and thought about it.  A while had passed and I decided that I needed a "treat" and that that urn would be just the thing.  So on a Saturday morning, with my hubby in tow, I returned to the shop.  I was delighted to show him all the goodies in the shop, including this urn.  I suggested that I was going to purchase it and he asked if I was going to get a couple.  I asked him if he had seen the price.  He said no - so I showed him.  He questioned whether I needed it.  - and that was it - the world twisted and I saw red.  I didn't want to justify why I needed it.  It was a simple question from him - and a worthy one - but my fun, little "treat" was no longer fun.  We left the store.

He was right.  And I knew it.  But I'm stubborn and I still wanted it.  But I didn't want that one anymore. 

So I went to the grocery store and bought an Amaryllis bulb (inexpensive and less smelly than Narcissus - which I thought was a good choice for the kitchen) and then rummaged around in the garage for a flower pot and planted that bulb.  I also dug up a bit of green moss from a corner of the backyard and covered around the bulb and proudly placed it on my windowsill. 

And I've been watching it grow... daily gaining more length and leaves... til now when it is just getting ready to bloom.

~ ~ ~

My blog has reached its one year "blogiversary".  What a wonderful year it has been!  I have loved meeting so many caring, talented people.  I had no idea that I would feel so connected to all of you.  Thank you for being there.  For taking the time to read my blog and sending an inspirational comment.  I love them all. 

It's funny, I adore all of the design and craft blogs - so I thought that's what my blog would be, and perhaps it will - but I find that I tend to write from the heart.  I'm still finding my "voice" and I'm so thankful that you've put up with all of the squeaks and squawks as I've practiced using it.

I hope you'll take a moment to leave a comment, say hi, tell a little about yourself (and your blog if you have one) and get to know the other delightful people that are also readers.  I can't tell you how impressed I am by all of you. 

And I hope you'll come back often...

and we can grow...

and bloom!