Monday, May 31, 2010

Millerton, NY continued...

On Sunday I took to the road to go to the yard sale that Eddie Ross was having.  I wrote about it here, but thought I'd show you what I got there.  There was china, glassware, fabrics, dishes, furniture, books - lots to look at.

Pictured below are my items: a tan scarf, two floral fabric pieces, a white tablecloth, a transferware dish, a sweet cup and pitcher and a pineapple doorknocker.

I've had a great time placing them around my home - and I smile when I see them and know where they are from.

After bidding goodbye to Eddie and Jaithan, I continued into the town of Millerton to look around.
It is a pretty town with a lovely main street that has scenic views,
...and a vintage feel.

It is very easy to walk up and down the street, looking into the shops.

I stopped at Irving Farm to sit and have some lunch.  There food was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxed and cozy.

I was delighted to find Shandell's, that Eddie had talked about.  It has "things that make you smile" - don't you love that phrase!  I was excited to look inside.

Susan Schneider runs the shop and she greets you {along with her two canine cuties}.  She has gorgeous lampshades and lights, as well as handmade night lights, tissue box covers and matchboxes.  It is a fun place to explore and Susan is great fun to talk to. 

I was delighted to have a beautiful day for a car trip and to see some new places. 

+ + +

Today I was back at home, enjoying the Memorial Day holiday.  I appreciate the freedom that we have in this country and am thankful for the men and women who have made it possible.  I hope you had as an enjoyable weekend as I had!


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Sunday drive… to Millerton, NY

It was a beautiful day here, sunny and warm with just a little breeze. A great day to take a drive! My destination… a yard sale in the country being held by Eddie Ross. I’ve been following Eddie’s work and I admire his ability to create beauty out of just about anything. So when he said he was going to have a yard sale, I was thrilled that I might have a chance to meet him.

So this morning, I hopped in my Beetle and took off for New York. Highways soon turned to roads and the scenery was spectacular. Rolling hills, blue skies, farm land and fields.

Down a country lane, after seeing a couple of yard sale signs, I came upon the house. Jaithan Kochar, Eddie’s partner, greeted me and soon Eddie appeared.  They were both so gracious and friendly. It was a gorgeous day to be outside in the country, under the shade of a large tree, having a cup of coffee and talking about the things that I loved. 

Jaithan and Eddie:

Eddie and me:

I love yard sales (and I purchased some fabulous things!) but mostly I love connecting with people who share my same interests.  And, to have the opportunity to meet them in person... priceless!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slow Love

Last evening, a group of us gathered at the Borders bookstore in Fairfield to hear a presentation by Dominique Browning. Dominique has just written the book Slow Love. I have been following her blog Slow Love Life and I was looking forward to seeing her in person and hearing more about her book.

As the minutes counted down, the audience - mostly women - sat and whispered quietly in anticipation. Soon, Dominique was being introduced and to our surprise she rose from a seat within our group.

She introduced us to her book - the result of reinventing herself after losing her job as editor-in-chief of House and Garden magazine combined with her children leaving home and the ending of a long relationship.

I was delighted to hear her read excerpts from the book; it means so much more when you are able to hear the author's words in their own voice. She answered questions with honesty and humor.  Dominique has such a warm, compassionate manner that it soon felt like a group of friends sharing thoughts over a cup of coffee.

Too soon it was over but I was delighted to get the chance to meet her and chat one-on-one, and have my book signed. 

And this book!  It is beautiful, colorful, a handy little size - a gem.  I am looking forward to unwrapping the stories that are inside, sharing the journey and savoring the beauty that unfolds.

Dominique is just starting out on her book tour.  If she comes to a town near you, I urge you to go meet her and hear her share the journey of Slow Love

Meanwhile, find the book and share the journey with her there. 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today is a special day...

It is my mom's birthday... a very special birthday, for a very special woman.

She is smart (always has been) and wise.

She has a terrific outlook on life, and loves generously.

She has a strong faith and is an eager volunteer.

And I'm proud that she's my mom!

Happy birthday, Mom!


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Thursday, May 13, 2010


It may look like we've been sleeping in around here...

lots going on...

enjoying Spring...

and baseball games...

and some basketball games too.

I have lots to show you!

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