Sunday, July 19, 2009

I should have known... much I would care.

When I started blogging I thought it might be all about family, houses, decorating and fun stuff. And it is! What I didn't expect is to become so involved in the lives of the fabulous people behind each of those posts. As you share your personal vision of the world going by, there are emotions and events that begin to shape my image of you. You become more than an unseen blog author, you are now very real to me. And as much as I care about your latest decorating treasure, I also care about the person. Little did I expect that Jo's husband's medical emergency, or the landlord situation that caused The Nester to move, or Melissa's emergency surgery, or Rachel Anne's miscarriage or Lulu bravely answering the call of her dream, or Catherine celebrating her birthday or Mar's incredible love for his dog or Rosemary sharing pictures of her beautiful mother, - and there are so many others - would all become things that I think about ... and care about.

I feel that I know you, and the threads that run through the fabric of this life that we share become intertwined. And I adore that because it gives such a greater dimension to the words that you write and the pictures that you share.

I really should have known though. And it is because of another group of exceptional woman that I even came to know the world of blogging. There is a group of "summermoms" who all had babies during the summer of 1995. From infancy on up now to the teen years, we have shared stories and laughter and opinions. And we have been true to each other - and it is so good! And I care...

So why would blogging be any different? I really should have known that I would care this much.

I've been thinking about doing a regular post each week to write about and celebrate the people that I have found in the blogging world - and there are a lot of you. I read a lot of blogs and am in awe of the work that you do and your talent. And I'd like to share that with others. I hope that you won't mind if I shine the spotlight on you sometime so that others may see what an incredible person you are.

I'll continue to go on reading, and sharing my own story, but know that you are touching the lives of others...
...and that I care.

Image courtesy of The Vintage Moth


  1. Marcy ~ I am so honored to be mentioned. Thank you so much. ♥Rosemary

  2. Marcy, I so agree with you about the connection that you feel with all of these woman that you read every day. I've made such good friends blogging that I can hardly believe it!

  3. Amen to this! A beautifully written post that gets to the real heart of the blogging community. I never would have imagined it! I am blessed to have so many women who care and who I care about-- sharing the journey of life and all it's ups and downs. Thank YOU for caring enough to share and for including me.


  4. Marcy, Summermoms 4-evah! Seriously, though, for all that technology is blamed for distancing us from our "real" lives, I bless it every day for bringing me closer to amazing women like you and our whole diverse group and those I've discovered through my own communities on insanejournal and others. Hugs!

  5. Such a sweet post ~ we are lucky to have met you! I've enjoyed our *chats* and look forward to many more.


  6. I feel completely humbled by the amazing friends i feel connect to in the blogging world. Your post said it perfectly... I am so glad that I have found your blog and look so forward to having my latte with you! Your friend,
    P.S. I emailed you tonight!! :)

  7. Marcy you are so right! I am always talking to my family about my blog friends. My family understands. However, when I mention this outside of my seems that I get some funny looks from others. Oh well. I feel like you all are my friends and if we could have coffee together we would!

  8. Love your Westy! Thanks for the comment about Wellington, Kinn is sooo sweet :)

  9. You are a generous and wonderful woman! It's so cool how you truly get a sense of people by reading their blog! Thanks for your email, it's a good idea (the only issue with that was that I was thinking if it was me I might end up in a conversation with a past client that needs me now), I might do that in the end though - thanks for the suggestion!

  10. What a kind and wonderful post. Isn't it strange that we become so connected and concerned about those who blog with us? We may never even meet them, but we care. So glad you came over to my blog too!

  11. Yes, it is so true, isn't it? That's why I love reading blogs, especially the ones that are working to keep it real and transparent.....sharing their real lives! Looks like I"ve found another one HERE! Thanks!



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