Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer days

I love summer! Warm days, lots of sunshine... and weeds. Boy, am I good at growing weeds! I have gardens full of each type of weed and they are all doing well. Thriving, in fact. Lots of rain, and pure neglect on my part, has resulted in a bountiful supply. And I'm just letting them go. I have other things that I'm doing. I'm active, busy and happy. The weeds will have to wait.

There are friends, and vacation, family and lobster dinners, the beach and sitting on the porch. The weeds will have to wait... because I love summer!



  1. Great attitude! With all the rain, ours weeds are the only things that seem to be doing well in our yard this summer. I could go for a lobster dinner ~ lucky you!


  2. Weeds can always wait when you have lobster waiting for you. :)

  3. Good for you... weeds can wait and so glad you are enjoying your summer! My house guests have left and now I can refocus! i will email you :)


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