Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting to know you...

Isn't it wonderful when someone knows you so well that they pick out gifts that you just adore? My sister has me pegged. She gave me this bowl, that has a Nantucket basket feel to it, for my birthday - and I just love it! It's planted with flowers right now but I can see it filled with shells, or with pinecones in the fall or antique Christmas ornaments for the holidays.

Who has you pegged?



  1. No one has me pegged yet (so I always ask for vouchers!).
    Thanks for stopping by Marcy. I love your photos of Kinn - so cute and cuddly!

  2. My mother, my aunt, and a couple of my girlfriends absolutely pick out the BEST gifts. It makes me very aware that I may not be as skillful as they are! I keep thinking about shopping throughout the year when I see something that reminds me of them. Hmmm..

  3. Probably my hubby and sometimes my mom! :)


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