Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday drive… to Millerton, NY

It was a beautiful day here, sunny and warm with just a little breeze. A great day to take a drive! My destination… a yard sale in the country being held by Eddie Ross. I’ve been following Eddie’s work and I admire his ability to create beauty out of just about anything. So when he said he was going to have a yard sale, I was thrilled that I might have a chance to meet him.

So this morning, I hopped in my Beetle and took off for New York. Highways soon turned to roads and the scenery was spectacular. Rolling hills, blue skies, farm land and fields.

Down a country lane, after seeing a couple of yard sale signs, I came upon the house. Jaithan Kochar, Eddie’s partner, greeted me and soon Eddie appeared.  They were both so gracious and friendly. It was a gorgeous day to be outside in the country, under the shade of a large tree, having a cup of coffee and talking about the things that I loved. 

Jaithan and Eddie:

Eddie and me:

I love yard sales (and I purchased some fabulous things!) but mostly I love connecting with people who share my same interests.  And, to have the opportunity to meet them in person... priceless!



  1. where in New York?
    and did you buy anything?

  2. We loved meeting you, Marcy! It was truly a highlight! Thank you for coming up!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  3. yes, what did you buy?


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