Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Hubby,

I love...
  • how much you care.  Your heart is so big, and yet few get to see your tender side. 
  • your style.  You like the same things that I do and it is fun to pick things out together.
  • your humor.  You can make me laugh and smile at the smallest things.
  • how protective you can be.  You guard passionately those that you care about.
  • that you can chat with anyone.  You find something unique in everyone.
Happy Birthday!




  1. That's so sweet. Your hubby has a great smile. ;)

  2. Oh Marcy what a lovely birthday message to your Darling! With those wonderful attributes, it sounds like you guys are a perfect match. Hope his day is just perfect!
    Millie ^_^

  3. What a lovely Birthday tribute to your hubby! :)

  4. So sweet for your husband. You have a Westy! They are the best.

  5. Kinn is sooo cute. I had a westie growing up and love them. They have the best personalities! xx


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