Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring... where are you?

I should have known when it snowed here on the first day of spring, that it might still not feel like spring just yet. No flowers, no blossoms, no warm weather... just the hope that it is all to come. Here are the forsythia branches from the backyard that I've brought in to "force" spring into happening.

And I've been thinking spring! Though I love my black handbag, I swooned over the color of a new lighter-looking bag (handbag, purse, pocketbook... what do you call it?). I tend to make safe choices and this seemed so reckless, but what fun! Sometimes I need more of that...
And when I got the bag home and began thinking about the yummy green color, I remember adoring a green handbag that a friend had had back in the 3rd grade. She was a popular girl, and in my eyes did all the right things and she had a green bag that I thought was fantastic. I tried to make something like it - but it was never right. I'm delighted to now have a green bag - and I still adore you, Kathy!

So until spring arrives outside, I'm trying to make it a little lighter and brighter inside. Wishing you many warm and sunny days ahead!


  1. I love the green handbag. I bought a blue one last year, and I remember thinking that I was being a little wild buying a blue purse instead of a "safe" one, that goes with anything. But it was such fun, and I used it all spring and summer!

  2. I love it too! I have one, but haven't switched mine out yet. I had a cute pastel plaid one last spring. I have yet to bring out all my Easter stuff. Love that lemon tree on your fridge!

  3. Oh, that bag and bunny are sure to make spring come a little faster. :)

  4. a new purse. that's what I need. I'm a fickle purse user.
    SPRING! that's what I need. I saw crocus and jonquils in bloom yesterday and let out an audible squeal.

  5. Hi Marcy! I walked around Macy's the other day with a green purse on my shoulder trying to decide if I had the nerve to carry it. It was the same perfect green you got. You have inspired me to go back!!


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