Sunday, March 1, 2009


As days go by, I try to make sure there is balance. Some days this is easier than others. And then there are days, or even a week, that go by where things seem very out-of-balance - and not always in a bad way. This week has been like that. I had a movie date with my hubby, dinner with some college friends and another dinner with wonderful friends from church. Lots of fun things but the maintenance of the house has suffered. Time for the balance to swing the other way...


Photo by Peat Bakke


  1. Hi! I came over to visit from Ordinary Miracles. I quickly noticed that your name is mine...I am Marci. I don't know many Marci/Marcy(s).

  2. It is hard to keep that see saw teetering right in the middle isn't it??

  3. I hear you there Marcy!! Mine has been out of balance this week and not necessarily in a BAD way, but not in a good way either.


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