Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Tweet

Are you on twitter? I am. ( @MarcyMichaud ) I jump on in the morning and again in the evening - I never seem to have enough time to chat too much - but I love reading what others are doing. One person who is on most mornings is Leslie Carothers ( @tkpleslie ). {I've met her and she really is a sweetie!} Leslie has a company, The Kaleidoscope Partnership, that helps other companies with social media.  She knows her business, but she is also a perfect example of social media in action.  She is friendly and personable.  She is helpful and informative.  So often people are unsure of what social media is, so they do nothing.  Instead, if they learned a bit about the different formats (facebook, twitter, etc.) and then just jumped in, it would be better than not trying it.  Leslie's example of being yourself, sharing information, and making connections, is a good model.

Here is something that Leslie wrote this morning:

So as I was getting ready for Halloween this evening, I was thinking about all of the other Halloweens that my son has dressed up for.  I pulled out some pictures of the costumes that were created through the years:

He's in high school now so the trick or treating days are fewer, but I love the outfits and creativity that he and I would collaborate on in past years.  He had definite opinions, from a very early age, of what each character should be.  Some costumes were bought but most were made (my favorite!). 

So Leslie, that's my Halloween treat for you.  Hope you have fun looking at the pictures. 

And if you are on twitter, follow @tkpleslie - she's the best!

Happy Halloween!



  1. Dang....time flies when you are counting the years by Halloween costumes. :)

  2. Just started Tweeting
    recently ~ It's a whole
    new world, isn't it?
    Loved seeing your son's
    costumes over the years.
    My youngest most likely
    had his last Halloween
    this year....He's 12.
    It is bittersweet!
    Thanks for visiting
    and I will look for you
    and Leslie on Twitter.
    xx Suzanne

  3. no time for twitter, but in our neighborhood it was mainly older kids doing the trick or treating! lol!!!!

  4. I'm going to follow you on twitter...although I don't get on there every day. I try to, but it's hard to keep up with it all!


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