Sunday, September 19, 2010


I've been doing a lot of contemplating.  Kind of like when you clean out a closet - you step back, figure out what is working and organize it, and then get rid of the rest.  This time I've been thinking about my life.  So often things get added here and there and then you end up with a jumble of things going on.  Time to organize!

Here's the inspiration: I love reading blogs!  I especially like the design blogs and websites. The ideas, the inspiration, the beautiful pictures - and the people.  But there are so many great, fantastic blogs to read and I'm having trouble keeping track of it all. 

That's what I've been thinking about.  And I've decided to organize.  I'm putting together a website that will highlight the best of the design bloggers and websites - showcasing a different few each day - as well as creating a directory.  But it won't be just rooms, I want it to have heart too.  I thought others might like to have a resource too, to get inspiration, find a new blogger, and see a new post.

I'm calling it "style lesson" - and if you smush the "le" together it becomes: stylesson - there it is

Well, a while ago on Twitter, the moggit girls challenged Nat Berkus (who has just debuted The Nate Berkus Show this past week) to have a show with design bloggers.  Julieann (CreateGirl, who I was following) joined in the discussion, as did others, and word came back that Nate agreed!  When the date was set for the taping, design bloggers were invited to be in the audience.  I submitted my request for a ticket... then held my took a while {what felt like forever!} and then I got the confirmation that I could go!  I was thrilled...and in disbelief...and joyous! 

To see Nate and the show in person would be thrilling, but to go and meet design bloggers too was making me deliriously happy!  {am I using too many exclamation points?}  The taping is on Tuesday and there is a whirlwind of excitement in the design blogging community about it.

So what do you think of my new website idea?  Does it sound like something you would use?  Any other suggestions to add to it? 

What have you been contemplating in your life?



  1. Press on sister!
    Oh would you and Nate get hives if you saw my home right now!? Style? What is style? I love wandering through virtual idea lands, but I am mere amateur.

    What am I contemplating?
    Want v. need.

    But someday, in oh, about 8 months, that list might include a new place to live,
    and once again,


  2. I'm contemplating wrangling all the ideas I have and implementing them! So much goodness to do... Love your idea as I enjoy finding new blogs and kindred spirits. I think it is amazing that on the Nate Show taping, we all have the opportunity to truly meet those we correspond with and share similar loves: design, writing and yes, Nate. :)

  3. Love your idea and look forward to meeting you!

  4. I love your idea and can't wait to talk about it on the train tomorrow!! Nate, here we come!

  5. Marcy, so very nice to meet you at the Nate taping. It was an amazing time that I'll never forget!

  6. That is such a good idea! There is SO much out there that it can be overwhelming-I just recently talked about it on my design blog. It would be nice to go to one place to find all the sources.


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