Monday, February 8, 2010

Flea Market Style

A new magazine!

I adore magazines.  Love magazines.  Am addicted to magazines.  I've been so sorry to see some of my favorite magazines disappear in recent months.  Magazines are my relaxation, my escape - the thick, glossy pages transport me to different places, give me inspiration and warm my heart.  And now, there is a new one - Flea Market Style

This is a magazine that is co-edited by Matthew Mead and Ki Nassauer - both super talented.  And a couple of my favorite bloggers, Linda McDonald of Restyled Home and Heather Bullard, are involved too.   The first issue is due out now - I hope you find it in your town and pick up a copy.

I know I'll have a copy because I was their grand prize winner!  I'm going to get a bunch of goodies - including a copy of the magazine.  I am thrilled!  Delighted!

Flea Market Style... it makes me smile!



  1. This looks like fun! We've lost so many good ones over the past couple of years ~ it's sad to see them go. I'm glad someone is making a go.


  2. you won a contest!?! Neat! And what terrific prizes. I love the blue transferwear. Congrats friend!!

  3. I am shocked that someone is starting up a magazine in this economy that has killed so many great ones! I hope Flea Market Style does well- it looks really cool! And congrats on winning the grand prize. Those plates are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Yay for you Marcy~ so exciting that you won the grand prize! Thanks for visiting today and I love your little Kinn...aren't Westie's the best?! My Max is such fun and I have witnessed the squirrels taunting him through our sun room windows. :-)

  5. That is the kind of magazine I would pick up. Have you ever seen the Somerset Life series? I just bought the Imaginative ideas for inspired living and I am in love and very inspired. :)


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