Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dr. Miller

Growing up, we lived across the street from Dr. Miller.  I remember, as a young girl, looking out of our front windows and watching Dr. Miller mow his lawn.  Back and forth he would go, making nice straight rows in the lawn.  He always wore an old golf cap.  You know the kind - round and flat with a little brim.

One morning, while watching Dr. Miller, my mother called us for breakfast.  She served us a favorite: a piece of bread that had a hole cut out of it, then grilled with an egg in the center hole, and the round hole piece placed on top.  For a little kid, it reminded me of Dr. Miller.  The bread representing the lawn, the egg being him, and then the round piece on top being his hat.  Dr. Miller! 

But what I loved about this moment is that it didn't stop there.  Where as a parent you smile at your child's silliness and go on with your day, my mom instead honored what I was saying by accepting it and calling indeed calling this breakfast a "Dr. Miller".  And continued to call it that.  To this day, that is what it is still called in our family.  I think that is so sweet and so special.

I've never known this breakfast dish by any other name.  Though when we were in Maine this summer, we had breakfast at a restaurant where they had something called a "Toad in the Hole" which I believe is the same thing. 

We have just one word left from our son's misprouncation of words, or made up words, as he was growing up.  It is "crumper" which means the laundry hamper.  Not sure how it ever came to be... it just is. 

I smile as I make Dr. Millers today...

...for the good food, the hidden meaning of the name, the memories and how special a parent can make a child feel.



  1. That's a sweet remembrance Marcy. I have made that before and it's yummy. :)

  2. This is the first breakfast my husband made me when we married, he called it "eggs in a basket". When I saw this picture I called him over and reminded him he hasn't made it for me in a long time, thank you for your sweet comment today, i am so glad the wonderful world of blogging has linked us,

  3. Love eggs in a nest - that's how I know them, so yummy. Great story!

  4. What a great post! We have things like that in our family as well, where no one else really knows what we're talking about, but we do! Love those memories.
    pk @ Room Remix

  5. What a sweet story Marcy. My Uncle used to call them something that had a military reference. I wish I could remember what it was.....

  6. A delightful story Marcy -thanks for sharing it. I loved your Mum's attitude, & I applaude any form of silliness between parents & kids, it creates a very special bond. My boys always loved my Mint Lamb Casserole as little kids. Now it's fun to hear the 30 year old phone & make a request the Little Choppie Casserole when he's due for a home-cooked meal!
    Millie ^_^


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