Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Front doors

I've been looking at front doors and entrances. I love the historical looking ones with architectural details and antique features. A classic New England look.

What front door details to do like?



  1. I would love for mine to be painted to match my shutters:)

  2. I love those with porch entrances. Alas, none of our houses have ever had a front porch!

    I don't see much of the New England look out here in Colorado....

  3. I am partial to the rustic doors of the southwest, ESPECIALLY if they are painted blue! Bright Mexican blue. I've always wanted a blue door... maybe someday...

    Our door right now is old and wood, and I do think it's perfect for our house. I like a door with character.

    Doors. Now that's a good idea for a post... :-)

  4. How funny that you posted about this as I love looking at doors too. As with Kristy I love the bright blue doors too!

  5. I love the New England look! My favorite is to stoll through Mystic Seaport during the 4th ~ so historical and relaxing.

    Enjoy the holiday~


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